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Sahil Shah
Owner & Disk Jockey
As the founder of Allure DJs, DJ Sahil has seen it all through years spent honing his craft and growing his business. With a passion for music rooted in his love of old school Hip-Hop, Sahil has developed a skill set that enables him to recognize what the crowd wants, before they know it themselves. 
Mayur Patel
Disk Jockey
With a deep love for Bollywood music, both old and new, DJ Maybach will remind you of tracks you haven’t heard in years. He aims to capture the moments when you first heard timeless tracks, and bring you back to that moment on the dance floor. He firmly believes nostalgia can make any night one to remember. 
Hait Leuva
Master Of Ceremonies & Event Manager
MC Harvey’s time spent in the industry does not need to be stated, because it shines through each wedding he orchestrates. A true conductor of a crowd that wields years of event hosting experience to seamlessly transition your big day from one moment to the next, while making sure the hype never stops.
Rishi Desai
Master of Ceremonies
MC Rishi loves the art of event hosting, from meeting new people to finding what makes a crowd want to get up and move, he takes a hands-on approach to ensure your night is smooth and exciting. 
Dhruv Patel
Disk Jockey
If there is anything you want your DJ to love, its a good party. DJ Dpats realized how much music can control and determine the quality of any event, so he made it his mission to find out how to make every type of crowd enjoy their night. A sea of hands and smiling faces is the goal no matter the party, and DJ Dpats knows how to make that a reality.
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