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Sheena & Karan

Wedding and Reception



"We can't remember how many times our guests came to us during and after our wedding to
compliment us on the DJ - these guys rocked out and really kept the party going all weekend.

Both DJ Sahil and MC Harvey worked over the course of nearly a year to perfect the plan for every event - Garba, Baraat/Wedding, and Reception. We loved how they thought through every detail and were able to creatively combine music/lighting/production/etc to craft an atmosphere tailored to each event. We quickly ran out of room on the dance floor during Garba/Raas, and the Baraat felt crowded with guests even though we had plenty of space outdoors. The Reception was absolutely incredible with their 'Video Wall,' and live feed of the dance floor. We had a short program and a ~3 hour open dance floor, and they kept it packed all night. In
particular, we were impressed with how they were able to cater the music to everyone - uncles/aunties and some people we've never even seen dance before.

These guys have a ton of experience and access to the latest equipment. For us they advised us honestly on which services we should get and which we should pass on, and they have fresh new ideas that will differentiate the experience you and your guests will have at your wedding/event. And MC Harvey will hype your crowd like no other!

Lastly, it's worth mentioning that they were timely in getting set up for each event, very responsive during the planning process, they worked well with our other vendors (many of which they've worked with previously), and worked especially well with our event coordinator to ensure the weekend flowed flawlessly. We would make this decision again if we had to, and definitely recommend Allure."

Krishna & Himalaya

Wedding and Reception



"We are so happy to have worked with Allure DJs for our wedding events! Sahil has been such a great help to us throughout the entire wedding. We loved how professional, reliable, and accommodating the entire team was in ensuring everything ran smoothly. All of our guests had a blast and stayed hype on the dance floor all night long! Everyone is still raving about what a great time they had. We would definitely recommend Allure DJs for any event, they did such an amazing job. We can't thank you enough for making our wedding weekend so special!"

Bhavini & Wander

Garba, Wedding and Reception


"We highly recommend Allure DJs, great people and service! They did a fabulous job for the baraat, wedding and reception. Planning a wedding is the most stressful event in anyone's life but this team made the night perfect, our reception especially was a great hit!! Guest who attended still talk about that night. The team did beyond what we had expected. We had a Dominican-Gujarati wedding and music was our biggest concern, all we asked of the DJ was to incorporate both kinds of music in a way that everyone stays on the dance floor, which they delivered. We loved that we got to see the Gujarati bridal side dancing to merengue and spanish groom's side dancing to garba!! They were the best part of the whole event and definitely left a great impression on us!! We plan to use this team again in our future events. A very special thank you to Allure DJs for doing an outstanding job and making our special day memorable!!!"


Zohra & Omar

Wedding and Reception


"The Allure DJs team were extremely easy to work with and very friendly. They were prompt to both events they worked for us and went above and beyond to make everyone in the crowd feel included. They were super flexible with setting up in different locations in the venue and moving things around. Great job to Sahil and his team. Thank you for making our events excellent!"


Swetangi & Tirth



"DJ Sahil and his team were absolutely amazing and the dance floor was always full. Everyone really enjoyed their work!!"


Dolly & Neel




Elizabeth & Jais


Reetik & Teesha




Payal & Jimil

Baby Shower

"Sahil and his team were great to work with from the very beginning. They worked with us in terms of what we wanted and provided great suggestions that allowed our event to be successful. They were everything we wanted in a DJ, by getting the crowd excited at the start of the event, helping along with the flow, and knowing when to play what music to keep everyone on the dance floor having a good time. I would definitely recommend them for any party in the future. Sahil and his team were professional and a pleasure to work with."

"They were so sweet, helpful, and all of our guests enjoyed themselves so much! They definitely got the party started, and made sure to play music that my fiancé and I in particular are into! So so good."

"You guys did a fantastic job. The Allure DJs were really cooperating with us. My guests and family had tons of fun! I would surely recommend them for any further events. Thanks"

"We would like to thank Sahil and Hait for the great job that they did at my baby shower. One of our friends recommended Sahil, we went and contacted him but still had doubts as we never had seen them perform before. But during the shower, we realized that we had made a great decision by contracting with them. They were very adaptive to the last-minute changes that we had to make in performances and games. They also played great songs throughout the shower which kept everyone entertained. Once again, I would like to thank both Sahil and Hait for a job well done. I would definitely contact them in the future for any events and would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for great entertainment."

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